Khidmat E Khalq In Urdu Essay Mehnat

Here I have wrote a short essay on khidmat e khalq in Urdu for students to speak at a speech. You can’t only prepare this essay for your papers preparation but it also written under the vision of a speech as well as it is in very simple and easy language and wording so that each type and caliber of student can read, understand and learn it. Well Service of Humanity of Khidmat e Khalq is an emotion or sacrifice our wills and wish for others even if we have to pay – we pay. If we have to speak – we speak and if we have to donate – we donate. It’s a great and modest sentiment toward humanity. Khidmat e Khalq never comes under the banner of religion but it is all about humanity such where Muslims are serving to Christians as well as hindus are kind and humble for Muslims and Christian. Moreover this topic is also derived from the Hadis of Hazrat Muhammat SAW, who said on his last speech at the occasion of Haj that “All the peoples are same”. So we should have a place in our hearts for humanity about help them at any point as much as we can in any way or sense. So keeping this in mind scroll down this page to get read the essay on khidmat e khalq in Urdu.

Essay On Khidmat E Khalq In Urdu

So you can learn this essay for class 8th to 12th or in case you have the ability to write on yourself you can also get an authentic information thorugh this page for bachelors of Arts BA essay. You can also share your own research and search on this topic and can share your reviews and comments with us in the following comment criteria relating to Essay on Khidmat e Khalq in Urdu.

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