Fit Honors Program Essay

The Presidential Scholars Program is open to incoming freshmen and incoming juniors. Students are admitted for the fall semester only. Apply as soon as you complete the FIT application. Do NOT wait until you receive your admissions decision from FIT. Notification will be received by April 1.

Incoming Freshmen

Competitive admission based on:

  • cumulative high school GPA of B+ or better
  • essay
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • two letters of recommendation from teachers, at least one of which must be from a Liberal Arts teacher

Incoming Juniors

Competitive admission based on: 

  • essay
  • two letters of recommendation from faculty, at least one of which must be from a Liberal Arts professor
  • GPA of 3.5 
  • Study abroad for incoming juniors only:  You must be on campus for 3 or 4 semesters in your upper division program to be considered for the Presidential Scholars Program.

We encourage study abroad. If you are applying as an incoming junior, please advise where you intend to study. 

Transfer Students        

The program welcomes applications from transfer students who are entering their junior year at FIT for the fall semester only.  All the above criteria for incoming juniors apply.

International Students

We welcome applications from incoming freshmen and incoming juniors from all over the world.

One-Year Students

This program is not designed for one-year students since they are not required to take Liberal Arts courses.

Important Dates

Your honors application, including essay and letters of recommendation, must be received by February 1. Do not wait for your FIT admissions decision to apply to the program. If you are not admitted into the Presidential Scholars Program as in incoming freshman, you can reapply in your sophomore year for admission in the fall of your junior year.

Apply Now

Hi. I'm really interested in FIT for business :)
I just got that there's honors program.
I got some questions about it!

1) what kinds of recommendation forms should it have?

2) If I already applied FIT normal program, what should I do?
I did not know I satisfy requirements for Honors program..

3) How long the essay needs be?

4) If I apply this program, would I still be able to take
some fashion marketing courses?

5) I am still not sure about sat score. Does it mean it should be
over average SAT score?

6) I also wonder ACT scores. How much would it be good?

7) I am actually going to graduate high school in America having Korean citizenship.
Do I still need to take TOEFL test?

8) I saw students in this program are recognized as presidential scholars. Even though I'm international student
am I still possible?

9) I know scholarships are for sophomores or juniors but can I know the requirements for it?
Is is also the similar like GPA?

they don't specify everything and I want to get info about my admission ASAP
so that I could apply somewhere!
anybody who knows about FIT, goes FIT or graduate. Please help me!

thank you :)))

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