La Tech Housing Assignments Conferences

Friendship - Living on campus provides many opportunities to make lifelong friends and memories!

Programming - Game nights are a great way to build relationships amongst our residents.

Tech Day at BPCC - Residential Life staff enjoyed meeting students at BPCC.

Thanksgiving Dinner - Our on campus family gather to share pot luck dinners for the holidays.

Dog Haul - Apartment residents check in on the first day of move in!

Leadership - Residential Life staff members spend a week together before the halls open to develop skills and build teams.

Community - Residents and staff enjoy games at our annual Christmas Dinner.

Residential Life

Welcome to our Residential Life family!

Attending college involves many new adventures and experiences, including living in a residential setting with other students who are just as diverse and dynamic as you!  At Louisiana Tech, we provide several different living options - from traditional residence hall to apartment-style living.  Each setting comes with unique benefits to the resident.  We hope you will take some time to visit our campus and tour our facilities.

Both inside and outside of the walls of your new home away from home, Residential Life strives to provide opportunities for social engagement by promoting involvement around campus through organizations and events!  Both our student and professional staff are friendly faces walking alongside you and cheering you on as you navigate through college life.  

Welcome to our family - the Tech family!  We look forward to having you live on campus with us as you make memories that will last a lifetime!

Applications for Incoming & Returning Residents

Residential Life began accepting housing applications from our incoming freshmen for the 2018-2019 academic year on Monday, October 16th at 9am.  Please contact our office with any questions you may have regarding the application process.  Also, you may click on the page "Application/Room Assignment Information" for details in how to use our new online housing portal to apply for housing and to search for a roommate.


 Apply Now


Department of Residential Life
Louisiana Tech University
P.O. Box 3174 TS
Ruston, LA  71272
Phone: (318) 257-4917
Fax: (318) 257-2030

Residential Life Blog

Live in the Forward

Hello Bulldogs! My name is Brock Kappel, and I am a First Year RA in Graham Hall. I am a sophomore studying Electrical Engineering here at Tech. I know that picking a college can be a stressful decision, but let me tell you something that I wish someone would have told me. The first thing you need to do before anything else, is believe in yourself, and believe in what you want to do. You need to see your goal, and find a place where it can become a reality. Before I decided to come to Tech a lot of different things happened to me, and I am very grateful my life unfolded the way it did.




Bloom Where You Are Planted

Hello fellow Bulldogs! My name is Tristan Kramer, and I am a FYRA in Aswell. I am pursuing an Early Childhood Education PK-3rd major with an English minor. I'm currently in my third year at Tech, and I'm going to be honest with you, Tech was not my first choice. In fact, I had planned to attend a university in Florida a week before coming to Tech. Tech was a fallback, and the transition was hard especially since things didn't work out the way I had planned. The first quarter at Tech was the hardest. I was especially since things didn't work out the way that I had planned. The first quarter at Tech was the hardest. I had more freedom than I knew what to do with. I only had one high school friend come to Tech, I was exposed to so many new things, and I didn't really know what I was doing. Not to mention, I was depressed and lonely. It was easy to make new friends, but harder to keep them and actually build close connections. I usually stayed in my room and occupied myself with video games, anime, movies, homework, etc. I even visited home any chance that I could, and called my best friends nearly every day. Looking back, I didn't realize that I had shut myself off to the opportunities Tech had to offer me.


   Let the Games Begin!

What's up bulldogs! My name is Clayton Browne and I'm the First Year Resident Assistant for Mitchell and Cottingham. I'm currently a senior studying supply chain management. There may be a few of you who are still trying to overcome the shock of starting your first year as a college student, trust me, I was in your shoes about three years ago. That's why I want to you have a much easier transition as you get ready to conquer Louisiana Tech.

From Homeschooled to Home Away from Home

Hey Bulldogs! My name is Paige! I am a Junior Psychology major from Breaux Bridge, LA. I live in Legacy Park as a First Year RA over Pearce A! In my spare time I love to ride my bike, drink coffee at Railway, watch Tech football, work on calligraphy, and give university tours as a Student Recruiter.




Welcome Home Dogs!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself! My name is Lindsay Cavin, Coordinator of Student Development for the Department of Residential Life. I graduated from Louisiana Tech in 2010 with a degree in Family and Child Studies. The buildings and staff that I supervise are Legacy Park (our new first year student housing), Adams, Aswell, Harper and University Park. I also oversee the First Year RAs and all of the first year programming that we do for our students. You will get to read more about our First Year RAs in the coming weeks. I just know that you are going to LOVE them!


It's Finals Week

Happy finals week bulldogs! This week can easily be the most stressful of the whole year with trying to bring up your GPA, packing to go home for the summer, looking for jobs, etc. It is very important that healthy coping methods are used to deal with all of this stress! My favorite way to relieve stress is to go out and have fun in nature. I love hiking, fishing, and even studying outside. I believe that a comfortable study environment is key to remaining calm and focused when trying to study for finals. Another thing that has helped me relieve stress is cutting down procrastination. As college students, one of our favorite things to do is procrastinate, but it can be detrimental to our grades as well as our personal lives. Balancing work and homework while also having a social life can be extremely difficult in college, but living a balanced life will eliminate stress and help you to remain in positive spirits during finals week! If these methods of dealing with stress aren't cutting it for you, Louisiana Tech offers free counseling services to help students deal with anxiety as well as many other things. Good luck this week bulldogs and I hope you have a great summer!

My Sage Wisdom

Well, hello you amazing Bulldogs! It is now time again for me to fill you in on all the amazing things that Tech has to offer and give you a little of my safe wisdom before I leave. First and foremost, if you missed the big Freshmen Carnival I regret to inform you that you missed one amazing party (a really cool FREE t-shirt). There were so many different events: tight rope, dart boards, dunking booths, photo booths, three legged races, popcorn, balloons and yet still so much more. All the FYRAs and myself worked hard to make sure that you guys would have some entertaining hoopla to destress you before the finals week meltdown (and of course to make upperclassmen jealous that they aren't you). But now that the fun has been had, it is now time to buckle down and do that homework/project/studying that you have sworn for weeks that you were going to do. I know it's hard to watch your friend's Snapchat stories about all the sleep they are getting, since their school is already out, but until that final test or homework has been turned in, we still must be semi-adults and do some work. Freshmen year is swiftly coming to a close and I implore to make as many memories as you can.

The Final Countdown!

What's up Bulldogs?!? This is one of your FY RAs Clayton Browne! I hope everyone has had a fantastic year! As the year is nearing its end, many of you guys have probably been getting more and more anxious and ready to say goodbye to your first year and hello to the summer. The problem many students have is that they start to lose the necessary focus and willpower to finish off the year. My advice is for everyone to make sure they give it their all from start to finish. After all of the tests are done and final grades are posted, you will have a solid 3 months to relax and live stress free. Also, if you haven't heard yet, the FY RAs will be hosting a Freshmen Carnival this Tuesday, May 2nd. I strongly recommend everyone to join in on the fun while on study break. I wish everybody good luck to your final few weeks and hope everyone has a very joyful summer break.

Almost Graduation Time

Happy belated Easter!! For me; 2017 has been flying by and continues to fly by each day. Seems like just yesterday was New Year's and the start of the Spring quarter. And here today I only have four weeks left of class work, two more clinical days of nursing school and three more exams. I couldn't be more excited with two job interviews this Friday, and graduation May 20th. I have said all that to say as a senior, I realize things that are worthwhile and have been beneficial in college. First, time flies and I would recommend you to get involved in various organizations and clubs to help build relationships and make the most of the college experience. Your time as an undergraduate is like no other time in your life, and it should be enjoyed to the fullest. Second, I want to encourage all of you that the light at the end of the tunnel is very reachable and in due time you will be there like me (wondering where has the time gone). Graduation is the curtain closing on my Louisiana Tech University career, but I wouldn't have wanted to spend the past three years anywhere else.

Crazy Times Here at Louisiana Tech

This past week at Louisiana Tech University, has been crazy for multiple reasons. First, it was midterms week. Second, Resident Assistants interviews were going on. Third, I had two internship interviews. Fourth, Student Government Association elections were taking place. Lastly, it was shortened week due to Easter Break.

A Little Overwhelmed...


Three tests, four homeworks, and one paper...

Two intramural games, two duty nights, and a semi-formal...

Two RA meetings, an SGA meeting, and an SGA office hour..."


Spring is Here

What's up DAWGS?!?!

These past few weeks have been like.....shorts or jeans??? Tees or jackets???

Louisiana's very frickle weather has finally decided to calm down and grow steadily warmer. Cars covered in thin coats of green, flowers beginnings to bloom, sunshine and you know what that means- spring! Yes!! It's that time of year again!

Everyone's out and about having fun in the sun, so there's absolutely no reason to be a shut-in!!

Introducing Zach Thornton

Greeting fellow Bulldogs! My name is Zachary Thornton and I have just returned from a Co-op that lasted nine months. I am excited to return and see all of the improvements being made campus wide. It has also been overwhelming trying to catch up with everyone and make time for academics. I am a junior mechanical engineering student that loves to play sports, especially basketball. I have been a RA since my winter quarter of sophomore year. I am from Ponchatoula which is on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain. Even though Ruston and Ponchatoula are in the same state they have a completely different feel to them. Some of my favorite places to hang out at Tech are outside, Lambright and in the residence halls.


Super Bowl and Black Culture Week

Hey Bulldogs! February is in full swing; we have witnessed the Super Bowl and Black Culture Week this past week. I hate it for all those who changed the channel when the Atlanta Falcons got up on the New England Patriots 28-3. The legendary Tom Brady didn't seem to show up until the end of the third quarter. The Patriots made a remarkable comeback scoring two touchdowns with the 2-point conversions to accompany them. The Patriots tied it up 28-28 for the game to go in overtime. Patriots won the toss, and elected to receive the ball. The "GOAT" Tom Brady drove his team down the field and James White ran the ball into the end zone. The Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl and the Falcons lost their second appearance ever in the Super Bowl. But now football season is over; so we must occupy ourselves with other things such as Black History Month.


Beating the Winter Blues

If you're running low on ideas for things to do in Ruston, I've created a list for you! Just make sure you check the weather before doing anything outdoors, or dress accordingly!


Why RAs Make the Best Orientation Student Leaders


 Last year I had the honor to serve the Freshmen class of Louisiana Tech University as an Orientation Student Leader or OSL. Even though we spent countless hours learning about the university and practicing skits, I know that serving as Resident Assistant on campus prepared me for the position. Being a RA supplies you with all the tools to be an OSL before, during, and after Orientation is over.



Welcome Back



Hey guys! I hope you had a nice Christmas break!

I introduced myself in the last post, but I am Sarah Daum. I am a Resident Assistant in the On- Campus Apartments. I am an out- of- state student from Illinois and my drive home is 12 hours. I want to give some tips about being a student, who is really far away from home, to help those struggling or to help someone encourage a friend. 

Conquering the Winter Quarter

Hey everyone! My name is Clayton Browne and I am a First Year Resident Assistant. Currently, I am a junior who is studying Sustainable Supply Chain Management. I am an RA over in Park Place. I come from the city of El Dorado, Arkansas where I graduated from El Dorado High School. I came to Louisiana Tech because there were so many opportunities that Tech has to offer in order for everyone to succeed. I interviewed for the RA position because I wanted to develop my communication and leadership skills, as well as be involved and help anybody in need.

A Message from Our Director

Hi to all! I am Casey Ingram, the Director of Residential Life, and am thrilled to be guest blogger this week! As someone who has ended the Fall quarter at Tech more times than I can count on both hands, it never ceases to amaze me how fast the quarter flies by. Our hope is that, by this time, you have found your on campus home to be a place where you not only survive your freshman year, but thrive! I began my time at Louisiana Tech as a resident assistant and have a tremendous respect for the job that these students do day in and day out. As a peer leader amongst their resident, they are on call 24/7 and work diligently to provide a safe, vibrant community for all students. If you haven't thanked your RA for the job they do, please consider doing it today. I am constantly amazed at the caliber of student we employ to serve in these positions- and I do mean serve, as it is imperative that our RA staff and hall directors have a servant's heart. If you would like to consider becoming an RA, please visit our office in the BARC to learn more about the opportunity! We love meeting new potential staff members.

Happy Halloween

I hope all of you goblins and ghouls had a fantastic, horrifying Halloween!! My name is Mohammed Mohammed, but you can call me MoMo! I am a fifth year "super" senior in mechanical engineering from Des Allemands, Louisiana! I am an RA for the first floor of Mitchell Hall, and I am your First Year Residential Assistant. This means in addition to assisting you in your housing and Res Life needs, I also specialize in helping yo make that transition from high school into college. I keep myself pretty busy! You're likely to see me in the cafeteria, Tolliver, Mitchell Hall, or pretty much anywhere around campus. Let me know if you need anything at all or want to chat!


Lately on Campus


Hi! My name is Capree' Collins and I am senior Clinical Kinesiology major here at Louisiana Tech. Being a Bulldog has made such a difference in my life and taught me many valuable lessons that will continue to shape me into the person that I am destined to become. During my time at Tech, I have had the pleasure and honor of being a Resident Assistant which has allowed me to connect with many different people and expose myself to many different experiences that I will always cherish.



Studying Tips from Ashwin

Hey bulldogs! My name is Ashwin Anderson and I am one of your Apartment Staff RAs. I am a junior from Shreveport, Louisiana; where I attended C.E. Byrd High School. At Byrd I was involved in Key Club, football, and Top Jackets. I am a nursing major and I am currently in my fifth quarter of seven nursing classes, which happens to be Maternal-Newborn nursing. If all goes well, I will be graduating in the spring and my time here at Louisiana Tech will come to a close, unfortunately. This is my first year on staff as an RA and I am enjoying every part of it. I hope you are enjoying your experience at Louisiana Tech so far, as it seems to be flying by. Seems like just yesterday was Dog Haul, and everyone was looking forward to getting through the first week of school. Now that we have arrived at mid-term week of the quarter system, I would like to offer some tips to help get you through the remainder of the quarter and your Louisiana Tech education.

Finding Your Group

Hello everyone! I am Sarah Daum, and I am a junior, Accounting major, here at Louisiana Tech University. I am from the very small northern town of Chillicothe, Illinois. So you might wonder how I ended up at Louisiana Tech University. Louisiana Tech was able to offer the most financial assistance and also the least amount of snow, compared to Illinois! I became a Residential Assistant Spring of 2016, and I am currently an RA in the University Park Apartments.




What's Up Bulldogs!

What's up bulldogs! My name is TJ Pittman and I am a Junior Political Science/ Pre- Law Major here at Louisiana Tech University. Attending Louisiana Tech was one of the best decisions of my life and becoming a Resident Assistant has greatly influenced my life. Being a Resident Assistant has equipped me with the tools to engage, interact, and get involved with any organization, group or person on campus. I am living proof of this. I am involved with Greek Life, the Student Government Association, the Black Student Union, Student Recruiters, Loyal Blue Nation and this past summer, I was an Orientation Student Leader. I am able to balance all of this with a very detailed planner and also because of the skills that the Residential Life Counseling 201 class has taught me. Even if you aren't interested in becoming a Resident Assistant, I highly recommend taking this class. It teaches you how to break down racial/cultural barriers, how to actively listen, and how to be a friend and a confidant.


Take It From Me

Hi guys! My name is Stephanie Clingenpeel. This is the start of my second year as an RA for the wonderful Louisiana Tech! Before I get into the serious stuff I'd like to tell you a little bit more about myself. I am a junior studying Forestry with a concentration in Wildlife Management. I am also a bit of a nerd when it comes to things like video games, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (My favorite LOTR quote is "That still only counts as one!"). So far my time at Louisiana Tech has been one of the best experience with everyone and to see what the rest of my time here has to offer.

The First Full Week of School

Hey everyone, my name is Triston Conly, but everyone calls me Teto. I'm a First-Year Resident Assistant here at Louisiana Tech, which means that I fulfill the responsibilities of a normal RA, but focus on Freshmen adaptation to college as well. I'm a Mechanical Engineering major in my Junior Year. I play in almost every intramural sport on campus. You will often find me listening to music, watching TV, playing video games in my room, and at the Lambright playing basketball and volleyball. I also love hanging out in the lobby with the residents and playing ping-pong, watching game shows, and just generally goofing off. I absolutely love to laugh. I'm always joking around, and I actually listen to comedians as much as, or even more than, I listen to music. 




Welcome Week 2016

Hi y'all, my name is Jackson Little and I am one of the First Year Resident Assistant on campus. A little bit about myself is that I live in Graham, I am a junior Construction Engineering Technology major. I believe strongly in the best way to transition into college is to connect with the city, turning this community into your home. Lastly, your RA's are a resource, don't be afraid to ask us questions or for tips regarding a class, chances are we have taken it or know someone who has.



Welcome Home Bulldogs

I am Brandi. My reason for coming to Louisiana Tech was the Architecture program (highly suggest looking into it). After living on campus for one quarter, I decided to take the RA class. This is my sixth year as an RA in the residence hall; all six quarters have been in Adams Hall.





RA Conference 2016

Hello bulldogs! My name is Macey Beauboeuf! I'm a senior speech pathology major from Alexandria, Louisiana. I love attending school in Ruston. Louisiana Tech has helped me grow academically and socially. It has pushed me out of my comfort zones I never even knew I had! All of this growth wouldn't be possible without people on this campus that work hard to make sure that students have the best experience possible. The majority of the people that fall into that category are faculty and staff but the other main group of people responsible for changes such as the one in myself are the RAs. I became an RA on this campus to help others become well adjusted to college. The RA staff works hard to make sure that every student has a friend. We always tell residents when they check in that we are their first friend and that we can't wait to help them cultivate with other people to kick off their college experience.


A Message to all Freshmen

 As a Resident Assistant, I have been asked this one question a number times, by either freshmen parents or the freshmen: "
What are some tips you would give to a new student coming to Tech?" My heart beats faster than Champ (our mascot) trying to run around the curb. I always want to put forth the best advice. So I've gathered all of my "cheats" to beating things like: the quarter system, time management, getting involved even down to saving money. So, let's jump right in; by the way I am dispersing these tips free of charge. Thank me later.

First Year Residential Assistants... Who?

As Louisiana Tech grows and recruits additional students, the Department of Residential Life has started thinking outside the box to assist our first time residents. Res Life has spent a great deal of time thinking about how we can target our first year residents, as you tend to need a little more guidance during the transition from living at home to living on campus. Not saying that our returning residents are not just as important to us as the first year residents but the population of first year residents is growing, as is the need to provide specifically targeted resources.

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